Daryan, I consider that my last session with you... We rocked.
Klavier Gavin, Lead Vocal of The Gavinners

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 NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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D. A. Taufik
Bassist of Daiben
Bassist of Daiben

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PostSubject: NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! !   Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:23 pm

Maintenance for Sunday!
You can still log in but all topics LOCKED
If you create a topic that day you'll be BANNED
And then
All topics with posts over 200 will be locked
Placed in Eagle River
Then, a new topic is made to change that old topic
Ex: Introduce yourself has 200+
Then I'll locked it, throw in to eagle river
Then I'll make a new introduce yourself

PLAY BACK sou nando mo REPEAT kurikaeshi
tadoru kioku no MOVIE, ONE MORE, START!
MONSTER, tsudou teppen wa mada hodotoku
konkyo naku himotoku detatokoshoubu
POWER minagiri tagiru ketsu
kagi wa ore ga nigiru sonna tsuneni seme no STYLE
DANGER! WATCH OUT! BREAK nashi kono STAGE jou ja mou
DON'T LOOK BACK, modorenai

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Delusive Attorney
Delusive Attorney

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PostSubject: Re: NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! !   Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:57 am

understood! cheers


Tatoeba kurushii kyou da to shite mo..
Kinou no kizu wo nokoshite ite mo..
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NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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